Our History

Founded in 1974 initially for moulding of water treatment components, Aqua S.p.A. has always been strongly oriented towards customer requirements and taken a European and international view. Initially a small family company, today Aqua S.p.A., based in San Martino in Rio in northern Italy, has a 7000mq headquarters, 4000 of which is taken up by production and 3000 given over to the movement and storage of its products.

The company stands out due to two factors: a strong focus on the evolution of the market, and a company policy which focuses on the development of commercial structures in areas considered strategic in terms of logistics and market potential.

Today, Aqua is an international company which owes its strength and success to the work and commitment of many people.
The wide range and diversification of the Group’s product ranges, and the right mix of flexibility and timeliness have contributed to the creation of a genuine competitive advantage over the years.

Aqua S.p.A. markets its products in around 100 countries all over the world, using directly controlled branch offices; where it has no direct presence, distribution is performed through independent distributors.


Aqua works alongside professionals in the water industry every day, and supplies solutions designed to fully satisfy its customers with great expertise and always at the right price.


Aqua aims to be an industrial benchmark in the production and sale of solutions for the water industry which are always innovative, but at the same time simple, effective and high quality.


All Aqua products are designed and manufactured in accordance with worldwide health and environmental standards and legislation. Only the best raw materials are used in our production, and each individual product is fully tested before being delivered. Our company has an EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system.


Our professional affinity with water, the essence of life, drives us to place a primary focus on environmental sustainability in everything we do. The selection of our suppliers and raw materials, sustainable development of our products, recyclability of the materials we use, a focus on production technologies with a low environmental impact, and our corporate processes designed to reduce waste are our main priorities, in order to contribute to giving our planet a sustainable future.

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