FR-E Series

The FR-E series is an interesting alternative to the established FR-N series. Based on melt-blown production technology, a cartridge was developed which represents the ideal compromise for those looking for a good level of filtration at a more accessible price.

FR-N series

In greater detail, the PP is mixed with hot compressed air and stratified via a continuous and constant movement around a rigid core, once again made of polypropylene, which rotates around itself, causing the fibres to continuously intersect with each other.

AC Series

These stainless-steel filter cartridges are surface filtration filter elements with non-deforming structure, particularly suitable for critical applications, such as for example treatment of corrosive fluids, or processes requiring high-temperature operation.

CP Series – Polyphosphates

Polyphosphate salts are effective anti-scaling agents, and therefore ideal for treating very hard water, and wherever eliminating scale and corrosion is required. The polyphosphate cartridges consist of a plastic housing whose size depends on the application in question, containing a quantity of salt in crystals of different sizes.