Every filtration process, from the simplest to the most complex, requires an in-depth analysis of the situation in which it is to be implemented. Understanding what is to be filtered and why allows us to provide the most suitable response in terms of performance (quality of the implemented process), and consequently also in economic terms.
Clearly, filtration involves a cost – sometimes negligible, sometimes significant – but it must always be put in comparison with the result to be achieved. It is therefore essential to carefully examine the entirety of the elements which give rise to a requirement for filtration in order to allow the formulation of an appropriate proposal which fully satisfies the relevant expectations. Choosing one filtration solution over another means having first taken some key factors into consideration.

Nature of the fluid to be treated – Size of the particles to be dealt with – Retention efficiency – Permeability of the filter medium – Pressure drops – Chemical compatibility – Temperature resistance.

Cost/benefit ratio – Maintenance.
Aqua Industrial Group has long set itself the goal of developing optimised solutions for the widest variety of filtration problems. As such, we invest significant sums in the research and development of innovative products able to meet market requirements in the most appropriate manner, with a particular focus on emerging problems. Fluid contamination issues in general can affect numerous activities and involve various kinds of risk, for instance health and safety when the water is for domestic consumption, or the significant economic risks involved when filtration has to safeguard important production processes.
Our filter cartridges catalogue features a wide range of elements which differ both in terms of the material they are composed of and the different sizes available. A huge variety of items, which support and complete the range of filter cartridge housings, for which a catalogue is available separately. They are all manufactured in accordance with applicable public health and environmental protection regulations, and suitable for the widest range of applications.
Aqua exports its products all over the world to companies operating in different sectors and markets, above all those for which filtration is a key aspect in the correct performance of their production activities. Aqua Industrial Group’s strength certainly lies in its wide product range, but no less important is the company’s desire to be a valid point of reference in the search for solutions which meet the customer’s requirements.