Today water treatment is increasingly necessary to make the water we find in nature suitable for use, as this precious resource all too often becomes a hazard. This is due to the environmental pollution and degradation which is all too common nowadays due to the progressive spread of industrialisation and mankind’s often deplorable actions.

Water treatment has two important goals:

  • To use water which would otherwise not be suitable
  • To discharge substances made polluted and polluting by the processes and processing they have been subjected to at a non-harmful level of impurity.

Aqua Industrial Group has been active for many years in the water treatment sector, where we aim to provide an effective response to the requirements of the ever-changing liquid filtration market by offering a wide range of products. The goal is to identify an answer to ever problem, and for this reason Aqua Industrial Group makes use of technologically advanced systems for prototype research and development right through to fine tuning of the finished product, developing innovative solutions for a huge variety of applications, ranging from domestic residential to professional filtration. From our micro-container for very limited spaces and minimal flow rates, to stainless-steel products for the industrial sector.

The filter cartridge housings featured in this catalogue, like all Aqua products, are manufactured in accordance with applicable public health and environmental standards and regulations; a such, only the highest quality, completely non-toxic virgin plastics enter our production cycle.

AQUA also offers a range of extremely compact filter cartridge housings to fit in any space, no matter how small.
They are particularly suitable when you wish to treat a specific point of use, but also go up to standard lengths (9”3/4) while retaining their compact footprint.
They range from the most compact, the AQUA MINI-MICRO, to the AQUA NET in-out product, with the 2- or 3-piece AQUA KID system with top or side entry completing the range.
Complete range of internal jets and diffusers for an enormous variety of uses.